Meet NYPD Police Officer Tricia Navarro-Caraballo

Police Officer Navarro-Caraballo, who is a Neighborhood Coordination Officer (NCO) in the 63 Precinct in Brooklyn, was first drawn to the NYPD because of the uniform- the sense of respect it displayed.
Prior to joining the NYPD, she wore another uniform- she served our country in the Marine Corps for 11 years, including being deployed in Iraq in 2008.

After moving to Brooklyn from Trinidad when she was nine years old, she immediately noticed the NYPD uniform and at that young age, she was impressed and drawn to it.

“I live life with no regrets and you get only one opportunity. I wanted to be an NYPD Police Officer,” she said.

NCO Navarro-Caraballo is also a married mother of three children.

When asked what are some of the skills she uses in her role as a mother (she has twin three-year-old girls and a 17-month-old boy) and as a police officer she replied, “Patience!”

She added that in her role as a protector of the people of Brooklyn, being patient allows her to increase her ability to listen to community concerns and create positive interactions during the course of her day.