Bronx Fraud Arrest Leads to National Identity Theft Investigation

Police Officer Molina and fellow 40 Precinct officers arrested a suspect for stealing a victim’s identity and repeatedly withdrawing money from his bank account. Last week, a man equipped with a stolen debit card and fraudulent identification walked into a Bronx bank and successfully withdrew $9,000. The next day, the perpetrator returned to the bank seeking to withdraw an additional $7,000 from the same account. Although the perpetrator knew detailed personal information about the victim, an observant bank teller suspected suspicious activity and called the signer of the bank account. To the bank employee’s dismay, the signer lives in Massachusetts and had no idea someone was unlawfully draining his funds. The teller immediately informed security on sight, who subsequently called the NYPD for assistance.

When Police Officer Molina heard the call for the grand larceny at the bank, he responded to the scene and apprehended the perpetrator without incident. Further investigation revealed the perpetrator was in possession of an entire book full of stolen bank cards and personal information about the account owners. The book contained information including; driver licenses, addresses, social security numbers, next of kin, and details about occupation.

Officer Molina has been serving the Bronx for three years, but is particularly proud of this arrest because he knows how hard people work to build their savings:

“I’m glad I got this guy off the streets. It’s one less person taking advantage of hard working community members. Always remember why you took the oath: I’m here to make a difference one step at a time.”

Following the arrest, Officer Molina gathered information from the victim and bank management. Thanks to Officer Molina’s investigative skills, Patrol Borough Bronx detectives were notified and are exploring larger ties to a national identity theft scheme. The suspect was charged with grand larceny, identity theft, possession of stolen property, and unlawful use of property.