Bronx Finest Takes Illegal Gun Off The Street

“Always being alert is what helps keep officers and the community safe,” said Police Officer Echanique. “As I noticed the man, we made eye contact and that’s when I noticed he was adjusting his pants.”

A Bronx police officer recovered a loaded handgun after stopping a man who was smoking marijuana last week. Police Officer Echanique of the 43 Precinct was driving along St. Lawrence Avenue when he observed a 24-year-old man smoking marijuana on the sidewalk. The officer also noticed the man adjusting the waistband of his pants and having difficulty walking. Officer Echanique stopped the suspect and recovered a loaded a Bersa .22 cal handgun with an attached laser sight and dozens of rounds of ammunition from inside the man’s pants.

The man was arrested and charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon and Criminal Possession of Marijuana.