524 New Police Recruits Sworn Into the NYPD

Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill presided over a hiring ceremony today at the NYPD Police Academy for 524 new police recruits. The new hires took the oath of office and swore to lawfully protect and serve the people of New York City.

Over the next six months, the recruits will undergo intense training focused on neighborhood policing, de-escalation, communication skills, penal law and safety tactics. They will have access to the latest technology, education, and tactical knowledge to enhance their ability to protect all New Yorkers. With the increased threat of terrorism, the Police Academy also provides new recruits with active-shooter training and anti-terror tactics.

In the wake of yesterday’s assassination of Police Officer Miosotis Familia, Police Commissioner O’Neill recognized the dangers of police work and the uncertainty that comes with being a cop:

“You’ll have days when your pride in this department and in yourselves and in your colleagues will lift you up like nothing else. But you’ll also have truly terrible days, days like we had yesterday when pain and grief push you down to a point where you’re not sure if you can get back up.”

But Police Commissioner O’Neill emphasized the strength of our NYPD family and our dedication to keeping people safe:

“But you will get back up. You’ll get back up because the work of Police Officer Miosotis Familia is not finished. You’ll get back up because it’s our job to finish it.”

Of the over 500 recruits, 85 were former city service workers and 39 have served in U.S. military organizations. Members of this class come from 38 different countries and speak 19 different languages.