Winner Wears the Hat

Cops don’t usually give up their hats very easily, but one creative police officer came up with a way to let some neighborhood kids to wear his.

“Every day, as police officers, we set out to make a difference in the community,” said Police Officer Eric Morales. “Showing people we are here for them, whether it is in their time of need or just taking a minute to share a smile.” 

While on a foot post in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Police Officer Morales of the 79 Precinct noticed a group of children playing. The kids were inquisitive and came over to talk when they saw Officer Morales. They asked questions and got to sit inside a police car, but when they asked if they could wear his hat Officer Morales had an idea. “I’ll let you wear my hat if you can beat me in a foot race,” he told the kids. As Officers Morales’ partner used his phone to film the race, the kids and cops ran on the sidewalk. He tried his best, but Officer Morales was only able to finish third.

In this case, finishing third was a win for everybody.