Transit Officers Intercept Subway Sex Crime Suspect


“As a New York City resident I ride the train frequently. I have friends and family that also ride the train and their safety is very important to me. It makes me feel very proud that the Transit District 1 Team is out there patrolling the subways to make them a safer place for all people!” said Captain O’Sullivan.

Captain O’Sullivan’s hands-on approach to keeping New Yorkers safe put him in the right place, at the right time during a subway sex crime. Last week, NYPD Transit members were out in full force patrolling the subways during the Israeli Day Parade. Captain O’Sullivan, commanding officer of Transit District 1, believes that the best way to lead is by example:

“I wouldn’t ask my officers to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. So I decided to ride the D train toward 53rd Street to look for any suspicious activity.”

When the D train arrived at the platform, Captain O’Sullivan immediately noticed a commotion. Several straphangers were yelling, “go catch him” as a man fled from the train car. Captain O’Sullivan sprang into action and caught up to the man. After a brief struggle he was able to secure the suspect. Captain O’Sullivan called over his radio for back up and Police Officers Lush and Harrison rushed to the scene. Together they gathered information from the witnesses on the train and arrested the man.

The officers’ investigation revealed that the perpetrator exposed himself and rubbed his genitals against a woman on her way to work. When the victim realized what was happening, she attempted to take a photo of the perpetrator with her cell phone. The suspect then aggressively took the woman’s phone and fled the train where he was intercepted by Captain O’Sullivan. The perpetrator was charged with sex abuse and larceny.