Patrol Borough Manhattan North Cops Recognized For Their Hard Work

Patrol Borough Manhattan North held its annual Recognition Awards Ceremony honoring members of the borough for their outstanding work in 2016. Police Commissioner James O’Neill, Chief of Department Carlos Gomez, Chief of Patrol Terence Monahan, and Assistant Chief Kathleen O’Reilly were all in attendance. Family and friends gathered at the celebratory event to cheer on their loved ones as they received awards.

Police Commissioner O’Neill presided over the event and reflected on the incredible strides the NYPD has made to increase public safety throughout the city. Over the past two decades in Manhattan North; murder is down more than 90 percent, auto theft is down nearly 100 percent, and shootings are down about 90 percent. Police Commissioner O’Neill credited the dedicated officers who keep our city safe for these positive changes:

“These changes are reflected all across our great city and the main reason is you. It’s the men and women who put on uniforms every day and go out there and make a difference.”

While Police Commissioner O’Neill emphasized how far we have come, he also lauded many officers for embracing Neighborhood Policing and utilizing the NYPD’s cutting-edge technology to further drive down crime. Police Commissioner O’Neill ended on an encouraging note:

“Each of you represent the best of policing and I hope to see you back at this ceremony year after year so we can keep recognizing you for the tremendous work you do day in and day out.”

Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners and to the loved ones who continue to support them. The following members of service received awards:

19 Precinct
P.O. Brian Larkin
P.O. Anthony Nuccio

20th Precinct
P.O. Salvatore Provenzano

Central Park Precinct
Sgt. Matthew Moschetto
P.O. Gary Li
P.O. Christopher Walton

23rd Precinct
P.O. Vincent Pinto
P.O. Jesse Zalewski

24th Precinct
P.O. Sarah Frankel
P.O. Lisa Mendoza

25th Precinct
Det. Michael Whiteman
P.O. Edward Stackpole

26th Precinct
P.O. German Geronimo
P.O. Marilin Peralta

28th Precinct
P.O. Genry Cobos

30th Precinct
Sgt. Kamal Williams
P.O. Bryant Harinarain
P.O. Anita Moore
P.O. Xavier Reynoso
P.O. Jaime Sequeira

32nd Precinct
SSA. Daniel Miller
P.O. Michael Ganz
P.O. Christopher Zollino

33rd Precinct
P.O. Hector Figueroa
P.O. Terrence McGrath

34th Precinct
Sgt. Angel Delgado

Unit Citation

PBMN Anti-Crime
Lt. Brian Holshek
Sgt. Jose Perez
Det. Michael Tedeschi
Det. James Sepulveda
P.O. Christopher Arena
P.O. Imran Zahoor

Police Officer of the Year
P.O. Daniel Wadolowski, 32nd Pct

Sergeant of the Year
Sgt. John Toscano, Intel – CIS

Lieutenant of the Year
LSA Patrick Moynihan

Exemplary Service
SSA Ronald Bedrossian, PBMN

Exceptional Service
SPAA Carolyn Gamble-Williams, 25th Pct
SPAA Hoiching Wong, 33rd Pct
PAA Ronald Dixon, 26th Pct
EPCS Clive Webb, 34 Pct
CCA Tolanda Glasford, 19th Pct