Officers Surprise Injured 91-Year-Old Man with Get Well Soon Gifts

(L-R) Police Officer Christian Perez, Police Officer Roberto Garcia, Sergeant Carmen Mateo, Police Officer Jose Jiminez & Detective Haydee Pabey

Cops from the 34 Precinct cheered up a 91-year-old Bronx resident who was assaulted last week in Washington Heights. The victim received 20 stitches on his ear as a result of the assault. Detective Haydee Pabey, a 34 Precinct Community Affairs Officer, was horrified when she heard what happened in the precinct she has called home for 18 years. She immediately gathered a group of officers to check up on the elderly man and make sure he was recovering well. The officers were blown away by the victim’s humor, wit, and intelligence. His positivity was inspiring:

“Meeting with him was a heartwarming experience. Not once did he speak ill of his attacker but spoke of hope, the goodness in people, and his many blessings,” said Detective Pabey.

Although he was in great spirits, the victim mentioned that his cart was damaged during the assault. After spending the afternoon with the 91-year-old man, Detective Haydee Pabey couldn’t stop thinking about what happened:

“After hearing about this ordeal, I thought how can we make his day a little brighter and show him how much we care. So I thought; why not get him a new cart and fill it with items he can use?”

Detective Pabey and a group of 34 Precinct officers went shopping to buy him a new cart and fill it with essentials, goodies, and NYPD gear. They then went back to the victim’s apartment and surprised him with the gifts. The 34 Precinct officers plan on going back to his residence to bring him soup and put the group photo they took together in a picture frame they included in his get well soon package. The officers involved are grateful for their new friend:

“After all is said and done, meeting him was a gift for us,” said Detective Pabey.

Pursuant to an investigation into the crime a 19-year-old man was arrested and charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

(L-R) Deputy Inspector Reymundo Mundo & Captain John O’Connell