NYPD Highway Unit Officers Graduate Training

More than 50 officers graduated the NYPD Highway Unit’s specialized training school in a ceremony in Brooklyn on Friday. NYPD Highway Unit officers assist fellow cops by serving as technicians during intoxicated driving arrests, protect presidents and other dignitaries when they come to New York City, and help ensure that traffic flows smoothly and safely along our major thoroughfares.

“To become a member of the NYPD’s Highway District you have to complete several months of training covering everything from motorcycle skills, to collision investigation, to shotgun use,” said Police Commissioner O’Neill. “As a result of your efforts and skills you now belong to one of our oldest and most storied specialized units.”

Highway Unit officers are responsible for helping create safe roads throughout New York City. This year auto collisions are down 1.3 percent over last year, citywide, bicycle collisions are down 2.8 percent, and total traffic fatalities are down a remarkable 15.2 percent.