New York City Cop Turned Classical Music Virtuoso Performs Piano Concerts to Help Others

(PEOPLE) The sounds of piano music floating from the Brooklyn Music School enthralled New York City police officer Chris Yip as he was walking to his beat 10 years ago. Intrigued, Yip signed up for piano lessons that day.

“At that moment, asking for a teacher was like walking into a new world,” Yip tells PEOPLE.

It was a world that he soon discovered would serve as an antidote to the stress he faces as a cop. 

“We respond to so many phone calls and 911s and deal with people on the streets and people are usually stressed out and agitated, and we have to deal with their frustrations, their anger, and it weighs very heavily on the officer,” says Yip.

“We all have this stress, so music really helps me dilute a lot of that.”

Yip is now a trained classical pianist who performs benefit concerts for non-profit organizations throughout New York City, as a way to give back to the communities he serves.

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