New 9/11 Tribute Museum Opens

The ceremony Tuesday morning on Greenwich Street, four blocks south of the World Trade Center, celebrated the opening of the 9/11 Tribute Museum, in the building at left. Photo: Carl Glassman/Tribeca Trib

9/11 Tribute Museum Opens in a new, 18,000-square-foot location at 92 Greenwich Street.

( While still a place of “tribute,” “there’s been 15 years of collected history since the event,” said Connor Gaudet, the museum’s oral history coordinator, “and those are the stories we’re looking to tell here, as much as the stories of the people’s lives on the day itself and the immediate aftermath. It’s what the 9/11 community has done in the last 10 years since Tribute Center opened, or 16 years since the tragedy.”

  • Read more at the Tribeca Tribune [HERE]. 

In attendance at the ceremony were Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro and the following executives from the NYPD:

  • Deputy Commissioner Perez (Deputy Commissioner of Administration)
  • Chief Diane Pizzuti (Chief of Personnel)
  • Assistant Chief Gary Strebel (Criminal Justice Bureau)
  • Deputy Chief Thomas Burns (Employee Relations)
  • Deputy Chief Theresa Tobin (Collaborative Policing)
  • Deputy Inspector Mark Wachter (Career Enhancement Division)
  • Deputy Inspector Kenneth Quick (Administration)
  • As well as other NYPD officers, including those that were personally affected by the attack on September 11. 2001.