Neighborhood Policing & ShotSpotter Technology Lead to Arrest and Two Guns

Recently appointed Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) Baez Veras and Roman helped arrest a dangerous perpetrator and took two illegal guns off the streets of the Bronx. Officer Baez Veras hopes he and his partner can help break down the barrier between the community and the police while also fighting crime:

“We want to bring back the neighborhood cop and the NCO program gives us more versatility to do just that. We’re very excited with our new position and what we bring to the table to tackle the concerns of the public,” said Officer Baez Veras.

As part of their work as NCOs, Police Officers Baez Veras and Roman collaborate with their precinct’s Detective Squad in order to help close ongoing investigations. When they heard about a shots fired incident that occurred two days prior, they decided to familiarize themselves with the case. On May 29th, 52 Precinct officers were made aware of a shooting due to ShotSpotter technology in the area. ShotSpotter sensors around the City help pinpoint the sound of gunfire and provide NYPD cops with real-time information about the incident. When the local precinct officers received this information, they rushed to the scene and recovered 4 shell cases from the discharged bullets. Unfortunately, they were unable to find any witnesses or recover surveillance footage.

Once Officers Baez Veras and Roman had all the information, they revisited the scene of the crime and began to canvass the neighborhood. After speaking to several people in the building, the officers were able to acquire surveillance footage that captured the original shooting. Officers Baez Veras and Roman quickly identified the perpetrator in the video as one of the residents they had interviewed earlier that day. The officers immediately informed the Detective Squad and proceeded to arrest the perpetrator.

As a result of their investigation, the officers were able to search a location in the building. During the subsequent search, the officers recovered two illegal firearms, 250 rounds, and a bulletproof vest.