Honored For Steadfast Dedication

Members of the NYPD and loved ones gathered at One Police Plaza for the Annual Incentive Awards Ceremony honoring members of the service for longevity. The ceremony celebrates those who have served the NYPD for 30 years or more and perfect attendance.

Police Commissioner O’Neill presided over the events and thanked those in attendance for their steadfast dedication to the people of New York City. Both civilian and uniformed members of the NYPD have made invaluable contributions to the department and have helped increase public safety. Thanks to the dedicated work of many of the awardees, New York City has come a long way from the crime-ridden streets of decades past. Police Commissioner O’Neill acknowledged the honorees for keeping the fabric of the department together and sharing their indispensable experiential knowledge:

“The simple fact is, that when it comes to ensuring the public’s safety, experience counts. We are grateful for every day, every year you have given this department.”

Police Commissioner O’Neill took a moment during his remarks to acknowledge Chief Chaplain Rabbi Dr. Alvin Kass for serving the NYPD for 50 years. Chief Chaplain Kass has provided support, counsel, and guidance to countless members of the service. He served as a source of extraordinary comfort and solace to first responders following the terrorist attacks on September 11th. The NYPD would not be what it is today without people like Chief Chaplain Kass and all those honored today.