Finest Foundation Award Ceremony Recognizes Outstanding Members of the Detective Bureau

Family members, Detective Bureau executives, and representatives from the Finest Foundation gathered at NYPD Headquarters for the first ever Finest Foundation award ceremony. The Finest Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports law enforcement agencies throughout the country, sponsored the event in order to honor uniformed and civilian members of the NYPD’s Detective Bureau.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce presided over the ceremony and took the opportunity to recognize each member of the service for their hard work and determination. All of those recognized played a critical role in closing the extremely difficult Karina Vetrano case earlier this year. Karina Vetrano was brutally attacked and killed while she was jogging in a nearby park in Queens. The random nature of the attack and the perpetrator’s lack of a criminal record added to the difficulty of the case. It took months of searching records, analyzing the scene of the crime, and an officer’s intuition to finally bring Chanel Lewis to justice. Chief Boyce also presented the awardees with a challenge coin and a certificate of excellence for their steadfast dedication to solving cases.

Award Recipients:

  • Lt. Steven Galan – Crime Scene Unit
  • Lt. John Russo – Chief of Detectives
  • Det. Christian Quezada – 106 Precinct Detective Squad
  • Det. John Martin – 106 Precinct Detective Squad
  • Det. Anthony Davis – 106 Precinct Detective Squad
  • Det. Michael Greenidge – 101 Precinct Detective Squad
  • Det. Barry Brown – Queens South Homicide
  • Det. Michael Gaine – Queens South Homicide
  • Det. Wendy Enos – Crime Scene Unit
  • Det. Deeanna Parrish – Crime Scene Unit