Finest Cops With Finest Tech Recover Stolen Car & Illegal Gun, 3 Arrested

(L-R) PO Cadet, PPO Gazzoli, PO Saintil

“Learning from these two experienced officers definitely gave me an insight into the career that I have been looking forward to,” said Probationary Police Officer Sable Gazzoli.

Brooklyn police officers recovered a stolen car and an illegal gun after using NYPD technology to read a nearby license plate. On Wednesday, May 24, Police Officers Cadet and Saintil of the 63 Precinct received a stolen vehicle notification on the license plate reader in their police vehicle. They were with Probationary Police Officer Gazzoli who was on field training when they realized that the 2017 Infinity in front of them was stolen. After stopping the vehicle they approached the three occupants. The driver and front passenger were removed without incident, but the rear occupant seemed reluctant to exit. When the third man was placed in custody a loaded .45 caliber handgun was found where he had been sitting. All three men were charged with criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of stolen property.