Eagle-Eyed Cop Recovers Illegal Gun, Man Arrested

“I was surprised to see the suspect walk right past me,” said Police Officer Collazo. “I recognized him right away from the wanted flier that the precinct generated.”

An NYPD Housing police officer arrested man in possession of loaded, illegal handgun last week. Police Officer Collazo was in plain clothes and getting into an unmarked department vehicle when he observed a man wanted for a prior shooting. Officer Collazo recognized the man from a wanted flier he had looked at earlier in the day. After identifying himself, Officers Collazo was able to place the 26-year-old man under arrest after a brief struggle. Further investigation revealed the suspect was in possession of a loaded .380 handgun, as well as cocaine and marijuana.

Charges: Criminal Possession of a Weapon, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, Unlawful Possession of Marijuana