Brooklyn’s Finest Receive CompStat Award for Exceptional Response to Shots Fired

Lieutenant Serrano and Police Officer Kelly received a CompStat Award in recognition of their bravery and intelligence while responding to a shots fired call. As Lieutenant Serrano and Officer Kelly approached the vicinity of the shooting, the 911 dispatcher transmitted a detailed description of the suspect and his direction of flight. Fellow officer were covering this area, the officers made the tactical decision to attempt to intercept the suspect where they believed he was fleeing.

As they approached Chauncey Street between Central and Evergreen Avenues, the officers immediately spotted a man who fit the description walking towards them. Not only was the man wearing clothing that matched the suspect’s, but the officers also noticed a bulge in his waistband. Using verbal commands and sound tactics, the officers approached the suspect. Lieutenant Serrano covered Officer Kelly as he confiscated a loaded .357 caliber revolver from the perpetrator’s waistband and made the arrest.

With nearly two years on the job under his belt, Officer Kelly described what this arrest and their recognition at CompStat mean to him:

“Taking that gun off the streets and receiving the CompStat Award has been the highlight of my career so far. I’m excited to see what my future with the NYPD holds for me.”

The shooting incident was later confirmed by several witness accounts and by residential security footage. The recovered firearm contained two live rounds and three shell casings from the discharged rounds. Thanks to their keen observational skills and training, Lieutenant Serrano and Officer Kelly were able to apprehend an armed perpetrator without incident.