Teamwork and Technology Keeping New York City Safe

(L-R) PO Cassaara and PO Metelus

“There’s no time to waste in a situation like this. Real time information at our fingertips allows our cops to work safer and smarter,” said Deputy Inspector Mark Iocco, commanding officer of the 1 Precinct. “My officers are using all the smart phone & tablet applications that became available to their advantage. The end result is a safe city becoming even safer.”

Department issued smartphones helped police officers in Lower Manhattan arrest an armed man late last month. On Tuesday, April 28, a 35-year-old suspect fired a shot into the ground near another motorist after a traffic dispute on Pearl Street. Police Officers Vitarelli and Lozada of the 1 Precinct responded to the 911 call and were informed that the suspect fled in a white BMW. A witness was able to provide the officers with a license pate number which they immediately broadcast over their police radio.

Police Officer Aguirre and his partner Police Officer Scalfani were on patrol when they heard the information come over. They quickly used one of their NYPD smartphones to determine that the suspect’s vehicle had passed a license plate reader on the FDR drive. They went to the location and were able to stop the vehicle. The suspect was then place under arrest.

L to R: PO Aguirre, PO Scalfani, PO Metelus, PO Cassaara