Recruit In Field Training Helps Apprehend Bank Robber

An NYPD Police Academy recruit on field training played a major role in catching a bank robber in Manhattan last week.

“I had been an NYPD school safety agent for five years and was able to use my experience from that and my current Academy training to help,” said Probationary Police Officer Marky Sanchez. “I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to get this suspect off the street.”

On Friday, May 19, a group of police academy recruits including Probationary Police Officer (PPO) Marky Sanchez were travelling between field training locations when the description of a bank robbery suspect was broadcast over the police radio. The suspect had been spotted inside of a bank that he had previously robbed, but fled when approached by security.

Sergeant DelaCruz and Police Officer Otero of the 20 Precinct had been conducting the field training with the Academy recruits and decided to search the area for the suspect. When the officers observed the man fitting the description at 86 Street and Amsterdam Avenue, Police Officer Otero and PPO Sanchez stopped him. Officer Otero was able to surprise the suspect and apprehend him before he could flee. PPO Sanchez helped Officer Otero bring the suspect back to the station house where the 52-year-old man was charged with robbery.


“We stopped the van as soon as we saw the suspect matching the description and I jumped out and started running after him,” said Police Officer Otero. “Probationary Officer Sanchez’s training kicked right in and he didn’t even hesitate to help me apprehend the man.”