14 Officers Graduated NYPD’s Remount School of Horsemanship

Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill presided over a graduation ceremony to induct 14 new members into the NYPD’s elite Mounted Unit. After a rigorous selection process and 13 weeks of training at the NYPD’s Remount School of Horsemanship, the graduates are prepared for the unique challenges of this specialized police work. The graduates joined the ranks of less than 80 Mounted Unit cops who carry out much of their work on horseback. While horseback may seem like an old-fashioned mode of transportation, members of the Mounted Unit are extremely versatile and provide invaluable protection. In Police Commissioner O’Neill’s words:

“The world-class Mounted Unit provides a level of visibility around the five boroughs that just can’t be met by a cop on foot, or on a scooter, or in a car.”

Police Commissioner O’Neill went on to describe how Mounted Unit officers play a critical role in NYPD crowd-control and crime fighting strategies. Their unique vantage point allows the officers to monitor activity below and deter terrorists. As the NYPD continues to shift toward Neighborhood Policing, the Mounted Unit has played an increasing role in community engagement. Police Commissioner O’Neill congratulated the graduates for furthering their fantastic careers and carrying on the rich tradition of horsemanship in the NYPD.