WATCH: Mayor Bill de Blasio & Police Commissioner O’Neill Host Press Conference

Statement by Police Commissioner James O’Neill

“The Justice Department’s release this afternoon stating that New York City is somehow “soft on crime” and continues to see “gang murder after gang murder,” demonstrates a willful disregard for the facts.

New York City is experiencing a steady decline in overall crime that includes major reductions in murder and shootings. In fact, 2016 saw the fewest shootings ever in New York City history since record keeping began. Year to date the City is down an additional 17% from last year’s record low.

Since 1993, murder has decreased 82%, shootings have decreased 81%, and overall crime has decreased 76%. These are the facts.

Additionally, over the past year the NYPD has hosted dozens of other police departments from across the world to share our best practices of precision policing, which focuses on the most serious criminals.”

Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill

Background data

1993: 1,927 murders; 5,269 shooting incidents; 430,460 total index crimes

1994: 1,582 murders; 4,411 shooting incidents; 377,466 total index crimes

2016: 335 murders; 998 shooting incidents; 101,716 total index crimes