Police Commissioner O’Neill’s Easter Message

To the men and women of the New York City Police Department:

Easter has always marked the turn toward spring – a season of hope, renewal, and transition that represents exciting days ahead for the NYPD and for all of New York City. It speaks to our remarkable ability to evolve and innovate, and to find our way forward together.

The NYPD is reinventing itself, with new training, new technology, and a new way of fighting crime and keeping people safe. Our Neighborhood Policing philosophy is taking hold. And, as we fine-tune this new model of patrolling our great city, you continue to place our collective good above your own – and New Yorkers are grateful.

I know your jobs are difficult, and I understand the many sacrifices you make for the people who live and work here. It’s not easy to be away from your families on days like today. You have my gratitude, and my respect.

At Easter, we celebrate the transforming, dynamic power of hope and peace. In this age of threats and acts of terrorism, today, in particular, is a day of deep reflection. But it’s also one of renewed vigilance. Continue to be alert as you go about your important work – today and every day. And, as always, remain safe.
Happy Easter to all of you.

James P. O’Neill
Police Commissioner