Police Commissioner O’Neill Welcomes 145 Recent Retirees Back to NYPD Headquarters

Loved ones, honorees, and NYPD executives gathered at One Police Plaza to welcome back 145 recent Department retirees. Police Commissioner O’Neill congratulated the honorees on their retirement and recognized them for choosing to lead lives of significance and service. Commissioner O’Neill highlighted the fact that when many of the retirees first came on the job, the City was a different place:

“By every metric we can measure, New York City has been completely transformed. I really can’t overstate how remarkable an achievement this is and it should be very satisfying to know that it all happened on your watch.” said Police Commissioner O’Neill

With 145 retirees, each serving for at least 20 years, the auditorium in Headquarters was filled with over 3,000 years of police experience. Commissioner O’Neill ensured all those in attendance that their accomplishments over the past two decades have not gone unnoticed. Thanks to the hard work of those in the auditorium, New York City is the safest big city in America.

Commissioner O’Neill concluded with a reminder that, although their careers have ended, they will always be part of the NYPD family.