Manhattan Cops Catch Suspect Wanted for Upper East Side Bank Robberies

A week after allegedly robbing an Upper East Side bank, the emboldened suspect returned to the scene of the crime for a second attempt. The man entered the bank on 90th Street and Third Avenue when one of the tellers recognized him from last week’s robbery. In an attempt to buy some time, the bank manager intercepted the suspect and asked him if he was interested in opening an account. After a brief exchange, the perpetrator grew suspicious and fled southbound down Third Avenue. The bank staff immediately called 911 with a description.

Officers Polanco and Palaguachi were on patrol when the call came over the radio. Considering the suspect was already out of the vicinity of the bank, Officers Polanco and Palaguachi decided to look for the suspect in a strategic location.

“We know from our experience that after a robbery the perpetrator is most likely to flee to the train station,” said Officer Polanco.

With this in mind, the officers went to the nearest train station and began canvassing the area. The officers immediately noticed a suspicious man wearing a beige jacket and a beige hoodie that matched the suspect’s description. Officer Polanco noted that the man was also carrying a green messenger bag and was holding a note in his hand. Guided by their instincts and training, the officers closely watched the man. The officers observed as the suspect briefly entered another bank. Upon entering that bank, the suspect was instantaneously identified and fled. Officers Polanco and Palaguachi pursued the suspect and apprehended him as he entered the train station. The suspected was arrested without incident and charged with robbery and attempted robbery.