Cops In The Bronx Protect Community From Reckless Motorcycle Riding

“These groups of motorcycle riders are a real hazard. They pose a danger to themselves and members of the community,” said Sergeant Vaccaro

Police officers in Hunts Point conducted two operations that targeted reckless motorcycle operators early in April. Multiple units in the Bronx that included officers from the 41 Precinct worked together in an ongoing initiative to promote safety and stop aggressive groups of motorcyclists. During the first two weekends in April multiple motor bikes were seized and numerous summons were issued to those riders risking the safety of community members.

Summonses were issued for unregistered vehicles, excessive speed, reckless driving and equipment violations. In addition to motorcycles, there were four-wheel ATVs and electric scooters seized.

According to Sergeant Vaccaro members of the community need to know that the NYPD takes the problem seriously and wants to help. In his own words:

“If you see a group of aggressive motorcycle riders call the police. Call 911 and note how many riders there are and the direction that they are heading. We want to keep you safe.”