Transit Bureau Officers Bust Notorious Graffiti Vandal

After months of compiling evidence, NYPD Transit Buereau officers closed a long-term investigation into 26 incidents of felony criminal mischief committed by a notorious graffiti vandal. The vandal, known by his graffiti moniker “CLYDE”, was responsible for approximately $23,000 of damage to subway cars throughout the City. Detective Navarra spearheaded the case and worked in conjunction with ADA Michael Bravner of the Queens County District Attorney’s Office to obtain a search warrant. Using information gathered from cell site subpoenas, MetroCard records, and station video review, Detective Navarra was able to connect the perpetrator to the crimes.

Under the command of Inspector Roumeliotis of the Transit Bureau Special Operations Division, Detective Navarra and Officer Archevald arrested the suspect in front of his residence. Inside his Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment, the officers found 271 cans of acrylic spray paint and 67 graffiti stickers. Officers connected the vandal to 17 acts of criminal mischief/graffiti committed on trains between 2015 and 2017 in Queens. Further investigation by Detective Navarra led to the suspect being connected with other acts of criminal mischief/graffiti in Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, and Maryland.