Police Recruits Training In the Field Help Make Robbery Arrest

(L-R) NYPD Recruits Bonsignore and Galati

On Friday, February 24, in Canarsie, two police academy recruits proved their mettle by catching several suspects in a home invasion.

“I chased the guy for a while. We went over a six-foot PVC fence, a few chain link fences, and a wooden fence,” said Police Officer Salvatore Galati, who is working in the 69 Precinct for field training. “It really made me think of the obstacle course and climbing wall at the academy.”

Officer Galati and his partner Officer Bonsignore are recruits in the police academy working under supervised training in the field to apply what they’re learning. Riding alongside 69 Precinct veterans, they observed two suspects who matched the description several other officers had put over the radio.

“I watched him jump two fences so I ran around the other side and I cut him off. I drew my firearm and I told him to stay right there. All my training came back at that moment,” said Police Officer Michael Bonsignore.

One of the cops that broadcast the description was Officer King, the 69’s newest member who just graduated the police academy last December. He and Officer Doll, his field training officer, responded to the initial radio run at 8308 Glenwood Road on a call of a home invasion robbery in progress. The police officers arrived and observed five men attempting to exit the home. The suspects fled when they noticed the police officers and scattered in multiple directions as they ran through rear yards.

That is when the two police recruits arrived to help and with their assistance the 69 Precinct cops were able to apprehend two of the suspects. A third was later brought in by Police Officer Riche.

A loaded Browning 9 mm handgun was recovered.

Arrested: Male 26, Male 18, Male 17

Charges: Robbery, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property and Criminal Possession of a Weapon

(L-R) Sergeant Garcia, Officer Doll, Officer Riche, Recruit Galati. Recruit Bonsignore, Officer King and Officer Ramos