Neighborhood Policing: NYPD’s Crime-Fighting Strategy

NYPD’s neighborhood policing marks the first time any police department, anywhere, is totally reorganizing to deliver the same cops, in the same neighborhoods, every day. So, now officers will know members of the community, know the problems, and work together to solve them.

Neighborhood policing is now up and running in more than half of the city, and in all of our commands that cover public housing. The public will soon have the names, email addresses and – increasingly – the cell phone numbers of the individual police officers who patrol their streets every single day.

This is not a repackaged version of prior generations’ “community policing.” This is very much a crime-fighting model – because fighting crime is what NYPD officers get paid to do. It’s what New Yorkers need the NYPD to do. At the same time, relationships between cops and the people who live and work in every neighborhood are being strengthen.