5 Honored in Staten Island Cop of the Month Ceremony

Photo by Staten Island Advance/Bill Lyons

The NYPD Patrol Borough Staten Island and the Staten Island Advance teamed up to honor five police officer for their exceptional service. Family members and loved ones gathered at the Advance headquarters to recognize their outstanding achievements. During his remarks, borough commander Chief Edward Delatorre highlighted the honorees’ dedication to keeping Staten Island safe.

“They’re great because they reached deep down inside themselves and put that extra effort out there, to really make sure this Island stays as safe as it is.” said Chief Delatorre.

Chief Delatorre and the precinct commanding officers described some of the great police work that earned the officers Cop of the Month recognition. Officers Richard Brown and Brad Parascandolo, of the 120 Precinct, responded to an armed robbery of a North Shore deli in November. The officers used their tactical skills to arrest the perpetrator, remove an illegal firearm off the streets, and close a robbery pattern. Officers Robert Ramirez and Philip Alfano, of the 122 Precinct, were commended by their commanding officer for tracking a suspect across several locations to recover stolen credit cards and scamming items. Officer Angel Espada, of the 122 Precinct, has only been on the job for a little over a year. Yet in recent months he has performed chest compressions to revive a person and recovered a handgun in connection with a shooting.

The Cop of the Month event is held every few months and is a great way to honor the sacrifices these officers and their families make every day to protect our city. Chief Delatorre of

“I don’t know just how much the average person on Staten Island realizes how much it means to the officers themselves, and to me as well,” said Assistant Chief Edward Delatorre, the borough’s commander. “When somebody compliments them or recognizes them for doing something wonderful, just like family swells up a little bit inside, so do I.”

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Photo by Staten Island Advance/Bill Lyons