NYPD Housing Officers Revive Elderly Woman

Officer Bogdanowicz and Officer Maldonado were on patrol when they responded to a call of an unconscious 78-year-old woman in her apartment. The officers rushed to the scene and arrived at the elderly woman’s apartment within minutes. The same neighbor who had called 911 was performing chest compressions on the woman when Officer Maldonado jumped into action and took over all lifesaving responsibilities. Officer Bodganowicz coordinated EMS and ensured that all the woman’s air passages were clear. With only one month on the job, Officer Maldonado credits his ability to remain calm during such an intense moment to his partner and mentor Officer Bogdanowicz. In his own words:

“I was following his example and I was able to act without hesitation because I had his guidance and support.”

When EMS arrived, they prepared the automatic external defibrillator as Officer Maldonado continued to perform CPR. The EMTs then attempted to revive her using the defibrillator. In the meantime, the officers continued supervising the situation and canvassing the apartment for important information. After an intense half hour of trying to revive the woman, the EMTs finally announced that she had begun breathing on her own again. Officer Maldonado described this moment:

“When we found out she started breathing again it was like a breath of fresh air for us. It is a great feeling knowing that by doing our job we can make a real difference every day.”

Officers Bogdanowicz and Maldonado escorted EMS to Brooklyn Hospital where the woman received further care.