NYPD Housing Cops Connect With NYC’s Youngest Community Members

“When teaching them about the police we told them that officers are there to keep everyone safe and make sure everyone obeys the rules,” said Police Officer Gene Ruda.

Neighborhood Coordinating Officers (NCO) on the Lower East Side of Manhattan visited an elementary school to speak to children about what it means to be a police officer. NYPD Housing Police Officers Kevin Dwyer and Gene Ruda of Police Service Area 4 visited PS 142 last week and spent the afternoon speaking to two classes of pre-kindergarten students. They explained how to call 911 to get help, stranger danger, and the role police officers play in keeping the community safe. The two officers even made sure to swear-in the students as honorary officers.

“I knew one of the teachers from the neighborhood and the school is just a few blocks from the housing developments that we patrol,” said Police Officer Kevin Dwyer.

She invited us to come to her classroom and teach the children about being police officers. Their eyes lit up when we walked in, and the toy badges that we gave out were a hit.”