NYPD & FDNY Honored During Mass in The Bronx

“Our motto in the school is serviam. In Latin that means ‘I come to serve’. They [the students] recognize that examples of that are the officers, paramedics, first responders, firefighters all those who, in many ways, know that every time they leave home and they go to work it’s about service,” said Father Jose Serrano of Saint Philip Neri Parish & School.

NYPD and FDNY members gathered at Saint Phillip Neri Parish & School for a mass dedicated to the men and women who risk their lives every day to protect this city. The Bronx parish organizes a mass for first responders every year as a part of Catholic School Week.

During the mass, students read from the Scripture and Father Jose Serrano offered up a heartfelt homily. Father Serrano emphasized how grateful their congregation is to have such selfless men and women protecting them. Father Serrano wanted all NYPD and FDNY members to find solace in the fact that, even during their most difficult times, the Saint Phillip Neri community is praying for them. Many of the officers who attended, including Officer Goris, felt reinvigorated by the service. After the mass she said:

“I felt a special vibe during the ceremony. It was a huge blessing to have everybody together.”