NYPD Cyber Intelligence & Counterterrorism Conference

The NYPD hosted a Cyber Intelligence & Counterterrorism Conference in Manhattan where hundreds of law enforcement partners from around the world discussed the challenges of cyber-security and counterterrorism. The three-day conference was organized by the Department’s Intelligence Bureau through a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which recognized the NYPD as a “Cyber Center of Excellence.”

On Thursday, Police Commissioner O’Neill joined the conference to share how the NYPD is protecting New York City from terrorism and cyber attacks. The Commissioner spoke about the NYPD civilian analysts and police officers who monitor an ever-changing threat stream that affects the way resources are deployed and the International Liaison Program. The Liaison Program allows the NYPD to have officers on the ground in foreign cities who update New York City based investigators in real-time. Also discussed were some of the NYPD’s newest units that continue to protect the City.

“Emergency Service Unit officers are ready to respond to absolutely anything that might come up,” said Police Commissioner O’Neill. “And in the past two years we developed two new units to supplement those officers. Our Critical Response Command has hundreds of officers tasked with securing infrastructure and sensitive sites around the city and those demands change constantly based on our intelligence-gathering and sharing.”

“We have hundreds more officers assigned to our new Strategic Response Group, all who have quick access to long guns and are all outfitted with heavy vests, helmets, and the latest technology to keep the people of New York City Safe.”

The Cyber-Intelligence & Counterterrorism Conference gives the NYPD the opportunity to share information with other agencies, expand relationships with other jurisdictions, private industry, and with academia.