Contest Sponsored by New York City Police Foundation Seeks Brooklyn Stories

Every neighborhood has a history. Every block has a story. And now you can tell the story of yours at

Brooklyn youth have already help create several longer videos about their neighborhoods that can be viewed on the website. But now is the time for you to tell your story. Whether you live or work in Brooklyn, came from there, or just have a fond memory or good story to tell about the borough, we want to hear about it. Just post your photos, artwork, short videos (no longer than 45 seconds), essays (500 words or fewer), poems, or raps/songs on

Then come back later and help pick the best entries. Winners will receive one of several prizes listed on the website.

Funding for the project comes from the New York City Police Foundation, an independent nonprofit organization that raises funds on behalf of the NYPD. MyBrooklynStory has been developed in conjunction with the NYPD in partnership with the Brooklyn Borough President’s office, the Brownsville Youth Court, the Red Hook Community Justice Center, and other community-based organizations.

“Although the NYPD has helped facilitate this project, these aren’t police stories,” said Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill when the program was launched last year. “They are stories of entire neighborhoods being engaged. They’re about people owning and embracing the environments that shaped them, as well as the people around them, and the people who came before them.”

Entries are required by March 17. Online voting will open March 27 and winners will be notified around April 7. Check out for a full list of prizes and for the complete contest rules.

Keep an eye out at as we expand this program to other boroughs. We want to make sure that every neighborhood in New York City gets a chance to tell its story.