Bronx Officers Deescalate Situation Involving Armed Woman in Crisis

On January 25th, Police Officers Wroten, Holguin, and Carter successfully deescalated an incident in the Bronx involving an emotionally distressed woman armed with several knives. 911 operators advised the responding 49 Precinct officers that a woman with a history of psychological issues was threatening to kill her father.

At the scene, the 40-year-old woman in crisis was actively threatening her father’s life and daring the officers to shoot her. While maintaining their zone of safety, officers attempted to calm the distraught woman by using numerous communication techniques including reassuring her that they did not intend to harm her. As the tense situation continued, the officers, some who were Crisis Intervention Team trained, worked together combining deescalation strategies with physical tactics. While Officer Holguin continued to seek voluntary compliance by communicating with the woman, Officers Wroten and Carter provided tactical cover.

Additional units, including Emergency Services Unit (ESU), arrived on the scene and after repeated attempts to get the woman to drop the knives were not successful, an officer utilized their Department issued taser. The woman dropped the knives and was safely subdued. The woman was brought to an ambulance and transported to the hospital.

A later conversation with the distressed woman’s family revealed that she had intended for the police to kill her when she called 911.

Lieutenant Pierce, the supervisor that was on the scene, said the following about his officers and how they handled the situation:

“The composure and restraint shown by all of the officers on scene are what ultimately led to such a successful outcome. I’m proud of them and their display of professionalism during such a tense moment.”



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