Bensonhurst’s Cops of the Month

(L-R) Officer Milord, Captain Sanseverino, and Officer Mercado

“The police officers called for an ambulance and administered CPR while conducting chest compressions and rescue breathing. They were able to save this woman’s life and for that we are honoring them tonight,” said Captain Anthony Sanseverino the commanding officer of the 62 Precinct.

Two police officers from the 62 Precinct in Bensonhurst were honored as Cops of the Month at the precinct’s monthly Community Council meeting last Tuesday. Police Officers Thomas Mercado and Jean Milord were recognized for their quick actions and rendering aid to a distraught woman who had attempted to take her own life.

The two police officers found the 32-year-old woman unconscious and unresponsive. The duo immediately called for EMS workers and began performing CPR until a pulse was detected. EMS took over at that point and transported the woman to a local hospital.

Police Officers Mercado and Milord were joined by their families as they were honored by their precinct, the community they serve community, and local politicians.

“I congratulate this month’s Cops of the Month for the 62 Precinct and continue to admire and salute their bravery,” said State Senator Marty Golden.