4 Arrested & 8 Guns Confiscated in Brooklyn Bust

Brooklyn’s 77 Precinct began 2017 with a series of tactful gun arrests. Only two days into February, 77 Precinct officers have taken eight guns off the streets of Brooklyn. Using intelligence developed during the investigation, officers were able to corroborate information from various sources and obtain a search warrant. 77 Precinct officers and members of the Emergency Services Unit (ESU) worked together to carry out the warrant. At the scene, ESU officers entered the apartment using a hydraulic tool (rabbit). Four perpetrators were arrested without injury or incident.

The following items were recovered during the subsequent search:

  • .410 Gauge ShotGun
  • 025 Cal. Colt
  • .38 Cal. Taurus
  • .25 Cal Lorcin
  • .22 Cal. RG Industries
  • .38 Cal. Smith & Wesson
  • 380 Cal. Hi-Point
  • .44 Cal. Charter Arms
  • Numerous Assorted Rounds
  • Marijuana