Teddy Bear Drive In Queens Brings Smiles To Kids’ Faces

The two Neighborhood Coordination Officers put up flyers, collected money and bought the teddy bears. They put a lot of effort into making this event a success,” said Sergeant Widy Geritano, the 113 Precinct’s Neighborhood Coordination Sergeant.

A December meeting between representatives from the 113 Precinct and the New York City Department of Probation’s Outreach Unit resulted in a teddy bear toy drive for the holidays. The 113 Precinct’s Special Operations Lieutenant, Andrew Hepworth, and the Precinct’s Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO), Police Officers Robert Morris and Derek Wilkin, learned about a clothing and toy drive that the Department of Probation was conducting.

Through their partnership with the Department of Probation the NYPD officers were inspired to organize their own drive after seeing the success the probation officers had. They collected donations from other members of the 113 Precinct and were able to purchase bags of teddy bears that were then distributed to children in the community.

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