Safety In Numbers: O’Neill and His Force Will Earn Full Bragging Rights

(NYDN) We just had the lowest-crime year in memory, an applause-worthy achievement for the NYPD against the grim national grain.

Through Christmas Day, the city saw 330 murders, down 4% from 2015; robberies down 9% over last year; burglaries down 15%, and shootings at under 1,000, down 12%.

Only felony assaults are up, and then only slightly.

Infinite credit must go to the NYPD’s fair and forceful crime-fighting and to now-retired Commissioner Bill Bratton, who led the force through half the year. New Commissioner Jimmy O’Neill picked up without a hitch, delivering numbers in his months as strong or stronger than Bratton’s, even while launching new community policing efforts to improve local relations — and perhaps thanks to those efforts.

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