Police Involved Shooting (Queens)

Screwdriver recovered at scene.

Remarks as prepared for Chief of Patrol, Terence A. Monahan:

Good morning. Earlier this morning, officers from the 113 precinct received a 911 call for a woman screaming near 137-64 Westgate Street. Responding uniform officers heard screaming coming from the rear of 137-64 Westgate Street.

While at the rear of the house, the responding officers, who were in uniform, encountered a male suspect holding a female with a screwdriver, threatening her, in a small stairwell leading to the rear basement apartment. Officers ordered the suspect to drop the weapon. The suspect refused. The officers attempted to disarm the suspect and were able to free the female during the struggle. During that struggle, officers deployed a taser. The taser did not strike the suspect. The struggle continued to ensue with the suspect who was still armed with a weapon. During the struggle, two officers discharge one round each striking the suspect. The suspect was transported to Jamaica Hospital where he was later pronounced deceased.

This incident recently occurred and this information is preliminary and subject to change. We can take a few of your questions.