NYPD Police Officers Present Anti-Bullying Message in The Bronx

“This is one way we build trust in the community. It feels good to show the children we are there for them,” said Police Officer Burgos.

On Wednesday, January 25, police officers from Transit District 12 visited an elementary school in the Bronx to talk about bullying and crime prevention. The officers were invited by Victor Vega, an assistant principle at the school. The speakers included Community Affairs Officer Jason Melendez, Youth Officer Janet Vega, Auxiliary and Explorer Coordinating Officer Rayshawn Younger and Crime Prevention Officer Emmanuel Burgos. It was a full day for the police officers who spoke to three different grades and a total of nine classes between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

“The kids loved us being there- they wished we could have stayed longer,” said Police Officer Burgos.

The faculty and staff at the school were also impressed with the presentation. They invited the police officers back to speak to the students on a regular basis to reinforce their anti-bullying message of tolerance, communication and consequences.