New Officer Honors Fallen Veteran

“This shield was worn by retired Officer William McNaughton, Detective Har, and is dedicated to Officer James McNaughton. This shield has a lot of weight behind it and it is an honor and a privilege to carry it,” said Officer Matthew Fallon.

Exactly five years ago Officer Fallon enlisted in the U.S. Army. Tuesday, he became part of a legacy of officers and veterans to honorably carry retired Officer William McNaughton’s shield. In an intimate ceremony attended by the McNaughton and Fallon families, Police Commissioner O’Neill presented Officer Fallon with the shield. Over 11 years ago, Police Officer James McNaughton planned to carry his father’s shield when he returned from serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. Tragically, Officer James McNaughton was killed in action on August 2, 2005 while heroically serving our country. After their son’s passing, the McNaughton family requested retired Officer William McNaughton’s shield be passed on to an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran in memory of their son.

Purple Heart recipient, and then-Officer Wing Har, was the first member of service to carry the shield. When now-Detective Har was promoted in April 2016, the shield was put on hold until another recipient could be found. The McNaughton’s chose Officer Fallon as the next recipient after speaking to his class at the Police Academy about the shield. According to Mrs. Fallon,

“He immediately came up to us and you could just see it in his eyes that this meant so much to him,” Officers Fallon’s mom said.

Officer Fallon is an Afghanistan Army veteran and part of the most recent Police Academy graduating class. In Afghanistan he was part of the The Fallen Hero Detail that escorts deceased members of service to the flight line and conducts a ceremony before sending them home to their loved ones. Carrying this shield allows Officer Fallon to continue serving others while honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.