Domestic Violence Officers Helping Keep Victims Safe

NYPD Housing officers responded to a call of a domestic dispute where a suspect was said to be in possession of a gun in Brooklyn’s Van Dyke Houses. When Officer Nieves and Officer Dodson arrived at the scene they spoke to the victim and further investigation led the officers to recover narcotics and ammunition. The next day, the victim contacted the officers due to finding a weapon hidden in a closet. The officers recovered the weapon and arrested the suspect.

“The most rewarding part of being in the Domestic Violence Unit is seeing the look of relief on the victims’ faces when we apprehend a suspect. You can see that the victim feels safe and knows they are in good hands,” said Officer Nieves.

Officer Nieves is thankful that recent additions to the busy precinct have allowed them to do more in depth work with victims and establish a trusting relationship with the community. In addition to enforcing the laws and working to ensure a victim’s safety, the Domestic Violence Unit performs domestic violence awareness outreach and training for other officers.