Brooklyn Officers Use QuikClot Combat Gauze To Save 70-Year-Old Robbery Victim

Highly trained and well-equipped officers from the 68 Precinct used their NYPD issued QuikClot Combat Gauze to save an elderly woman’s life in Brooklyn. Last Saturday, Sergeant Danna, and Police Officers Aleman, Musallam, and Pascale responded to a 911 call in an apartment building on Ovington Avenue. Upon arrival, the officers were informed of screams for help and excessive noise coming from a neighboring apartment. After investigating, the officers located the apartment where the noise was coming from. Sergeant Danna knocked on the door and repeatedly requested to speak with the resident. When the screams for help persisted, Sergeant Danna decided to forcibly gain entry into the apartment.

Upon entry, officers witnessed a male perpetrator assaulting the 70-year-old female victim. Sergeant Danna and Officer Pascale forcibly removed the perpetrator from the victim and placed him in custody after an initial struggle. At this point, Officer Pascale shifted his focus toward saving the elderly victim. He swiftly rendered first aid to the victim who had sustained deep lacerations to her throat, arms, and upper torso. Officer Pascale applied his NYPD issued QuikClot Combat Gauze to the wounds on the victim’s neck to stop the bleeding.

“We practiced and practiced and practiced applying the QuikClot Gauze during BLASTT Training at the Academy. That is what was going through my mind that day. That training is what helped me utilize the combat gauze.” said Officer Pascale

Recognizing the severity of her injuries, Sergeant Danna called EMS and Officer Pascale continued taking care of the victim as they waited for the ambulance to arrive. The victim was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center with Officer Musallam by her side. She was immediately transferred to the Operating Room where she received numerous stitches for wounds on her neck and body. A later interview with the victim revealed that the perpetrator had struck her with a vase and slashed her with broken glass after forcibly entering her apartment. Doctors credit Sergeant Danna, and Police Officers Aleman, Musallam, and Pascale’s actions with saving the elderly woman’s life.