Bronx Officers Save Man’s Life Using Tourniquet

Officers in the Bronx saved a person’s life after they applied a tourniquet to a leg wound early Tuesday morning. Officers Preira and Bogucki of the 52 Precinct responded to a 911 call and upon arriving at the scene encountered a woman holding a large knife. The officers instructed her to drop the knife and she was detained without incident. The woman told the officers there was a person inside the residence who was hurt.

At this time, Officer Gashi joined the other officers to help locate the injured person. Upon entering the apartment, they found the victim had sustained severe lacerations and puncture wounds on his legs and back. Having recently attended an NYPD emergency first aid training, Officer Gashi readily provided his Department issued tourniquet to stop the profuse bleeding.

“When I saw the blood, all I could think was that we had to stop the bleeding immediately,” recalled Officer Gashi.

The three officers worked together to apply the tourniquet on the victim’s right leg. Medical professionals at St. Barnabas Hospital praised the officers for applying the perfect amount of pressure with the tourniquet. In doing so, the officers saved the victim’s life while preventing his leg from having to be amputated.

“What we did I know any member of the NYPD would’ve done,” said Officer Gashi.

“When you become a police officer, you understand that incidents like this are part of the day to day operations of a life devoted to protecting New Yorkers.”