‘Tweet Beat’: How The NYPD is Using Twitter To Connect With The Public

imageAssistant Chief Jeffrey Maddrey sat around a conference table with his team recently in Brooklyn North’s borough office in Bushwick.

They weren’t chatting about the usual sorts of topics one might expect from an NYPD gathering — instead, the conversation centered on superheroes, in a discussion on how best to hype this year’s upcoming Christmas Eve toy giveaway on Twitter.

“What about if we put out on social media: ‘What character would you most like to see?’ What do you think about that, boss?” Det. Kaz Daughtry asked Maddrey, as the team ran through the character possibilities: the Flash, Supergirl, Superman, Batman, the Hulk, Spiderman.

“Captain America,” Maddrey insisted.

Maddrey and his team of six detectives, sergeants and officers ran through the logistics of the gift giving — how many toys they’d need for all 10 precincts in Brooklyn North, how they should live tweet as they go — before Daughtry handed out printouts of different NYPD Twitter pages to go over.

Daughtry does most of the actual typing for the Brooklyn North Twitter handle, but the team meets to strategize about once a week. Every other week they hold a more in depth meeting to talk about long term projects.

The NYPD has been making a concerted effort over the last few years to utilize the social media platform for everything from sharing fun photos to disseminating up-to-the-minute information.

Each precinct has its own Twitter page and several specialized units, like the Counterterrorism Bureau, take it upon themselves to share on the platform as well. Over the last several months, the department’s “official” handle, @NYPDnews, has started to live tweet news conferences or even stream them as they happen on Periscope. The handle also alerts shootings as they happen, releases photos of suspects police are looking for and posts success stories, like photos of cops with firearms they’ve taken off the street.

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