Staten Island Officers Honored at Cop of the Month Ceremony

(Photo: Staten Island Advance/Hilton Flores)

Borough Commander, Chief Edward Delatorre, honored seven Staten Island officers during the Patrol Borough Cop of the Month Awards ceremony on Tuesday. Chief Delatorre described the officers as brave and motivated while recognizing their exceptional police work.

Officers Debra Matteo, James Biagini, Michael Otterbeck, and Kyle Erickson from the 120 Precinct were recognized  for apprehending a man in possession of a gun and marijuana while patrolling the Park Hill Houses in response to recent shooting incidents. Officers Darya Keating and Juan Baez were honored for arresting a burglar allegedly responsible for stealing a bike from a home within the confines of the 122 Precinct. Officer Salvatore Corulla, of the 120 Precinct, was acknowledged for apprehending a suspect in an attempted rape.

The honorees were joined by friends and family who admiringly took photos as they received their plaques from the Borough Commander.

Chief Delatorre proudly boasted, “These are damn good cops. They really are special.”

Thank you to these officers for your tireless work and contributions to the borough of Staten Island.

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