Police at ferry terminal save 2 people from suspected ODs within 2 hours


(Paul Liotta/Staten Island Advance)- Police at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in St. George saved two people from suspected opiate overdoses Wednesday within two hours of each other.

The first incident occurred when a worker from the Department or Transportation notified officers that a woman was unconscious in the woman’s room at approximately 12:40 p.m., Sergeant Peter Guido said.

Officer Thomas Cancilla came to the woman’s aid, and determined she was suffering from an overdose. She needed three shots of the naloxone within 3 minutes before she was eventually revived, and transported to Richmond University Medical Center, police said.

In the second incident, a man was seen having a seizure on one of the bus ramps at the terminal at approximately 2:10 p.m., the sergeant said.

Officer Robert Thorgersen determined the man was also suffering from an overdose. Like Officer Cancilla, Thorgersen needed to administer three shots of the naloxone before the man was eventually revived.

 “Part of our job is to save lives,” Sgt. Guido said.

“These people are having a medical crisis and they need our help.”

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