NYPD Officers Graduate from Red Hook Community Justice Center’s Peacemaking Program

(Photo: Noah Phillips)

NYPD Officer Terence Williams is one of the first officers to graduate from the Red Hook Community Justice Center’s (RHCJC) peacemaking program. The peacemaking program adapts Native American conflict resolution strategies as an alternative way to solve issues within the confines of the 72nd, 76th, and 78th Precincts. The peacemaking program is designed to identify cases better suited for resolution outside of the court system. The District Attorney’s office, the Defense Attorney, and the courts have an ongoing relationship with the RHCJC and often refer cases to the peacemaking program.

Inspired by his work as a Red Hook Neighborhood Coordination Officer (NCO), Williams and other officers from PSA 1 chose to participate in the program as a way to continue deepening their connection with the community. This is an unprecedented step to put police officers and those they serve together in a setting where everyone will feel vulnerable and secure. PSA 1 Commanding Officer, Captain Gilbert, is extremely proud of her officers and their willingness to independently pursue more community policing training.

Now that they have completed the program, Williams and the other graduating NCOs will be called upon to facilitate constructive discussions and mediate community disputes as trained Peacemakers. Congratulations to the officers for graduating from the peacemaking program and continuing to bridge the gap between cops and the community.

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