NYPD Detective Slashed With Meat Cleaver While Chasing Suspect: ‘I’d Do it Again’ (VIDEO)

What to Know

  • The suspect, Akram Joudeh, had been fleeing cops near Penn Station Sept. 15 after they caught him trying to remove a boot from his car
  • Off-duty detective Brian O’Donnell saw officers chasing Joudeh and stepped in to confront him; Joudeh allegedly attacked him
  • Police fired 18 shots, hitting Joudeh several times; he faces attempted murder charges in the case

(ABC 4 New York) A NYPD detective slashed by a man with a meat cleaver revealed harrowing new details about the attack near Penn Station – and how a “hero” officer saved his life.

“I’d still do it again,” Detective O’Donnell said. “I didn’t expect to get hurt. I had no intention of getting hurt. I survived it but I would do it again.”

“I’m grateful. For some reason I was saved. I don’t know why,” Detective Brian O’Donnell told NBC 4 New York in an exclusive interview, his first since the Sept. 15 attack in which the entire side of his face was cut.

O’Donnell was off duty when he jumped into action, tackling a suspect who was being chased by uniformed officers – with guns drawn – amid the rush hour crowds.